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Trolls Aren’t Dumb in God of War

Often, we see trolls as huge brutes with tons of strength but very little intelligence. In God of War, trolls are recognized as one of the more intelligent species of mythological creatures. They had a society with its own culture and religion, before an unfortunate betrayal left most of the race dead.

The remaining trolls are understandably upset by their current nomadic life. The destruction of your cities and most of your people weighs heavily on the survivors. As a destroyer of people and gods, will that make Kratos a friend or foe? Based on the trailer, at least one of them needs to be taught a lesson.

Check out the latest trailer on God of War. If it’s possible to be any more hyped for a game, let us know. Otherwise, we are just waiting for the next chapter of Kratos’ journey, due to release in three days.

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