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Trophies System Update Imminent

Some people love them, some people hate them, but whatever your stance, Trophies are here to stay. To prove that point Sony is rolling out an update that is sure to make Trophy hunters sit up and take note.

As detailed over on the PlayStation Blog, the Trophy system update is due to arrive in the coming days and it will serve to not only change our Trophy score but also the value of the Trophies you earn. Levels have been remapped to aid progression early on, and Trophy’s valued to better help you track your progress.

Not only that, but the whole levelling system is set to change from a 1 – 100 value to a new one with a maximum level of 999, with your current score and Trophies being remapped to the new system. If Trophy hunting is your thing, your score is set to go through the roof.

The full details of the update can be found over on the PlayStation Blog.

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