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Tropico 6 Coming Summer 2019

What’s better than visiting an island paradise? How about ruling it with an iron fist? To prepare yourself for the challenges facing a day-to-day dictator, Tropico 6 will be performing a coup on your PS4 next summer. It will be the largest Tropico game to date. It will add archipelagos and new transportation options to keep your people moving to the places you command. It will also let you manage several islands.

The new Gamescom trailer shows the archipelagos and transportation, but it also shows off the fancy new visuals. As the first Tropico game built using the Unreal engine, the developers are promising a much higher level of detail. This will give you a better bird’s-eye view of your growing land and allow you to zoom in for more detail on the enemies of the state.

Tropico 6 takes a less than serious view of your job as “beloved leader”. The trailer shows election speeches with topics that might appeal to your people and many new ways to connect your islands. If you need a little extra culture, you can steal monuments from other countries, including the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

It can be lonely at the top, so Tropico 6 will include co-op and competitive multiplayer with up to four other El Presidentes.

Tropico 6 will give you the chance to prove your ability to be head of state or (to take the heads of those who oppose you) next summer.

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