Tropico 6 Expansion Caribbean Skies Coming December 16th

Tropico 6 (review) was a surprising gem from 2019, and more content is coming. The publisher Kalypso Media announced that a new expansion named Caribbean Skies would be giving you more ways to play. There are five new missions with new characters. You can command drones to deliver items, people, or just spy on your citizens. There are eight new buildings, including several that support your new drone fleet. There are two new traits including Qult Leader. There are four new edicts, three new palace decorations, and a banana business suit. You can read more details about the expansion here.

The announcement also named Realmforge Studios GmbH as the developer of the expansion and any future Tropico content. Kalypso Media made more investments in the studio, taking its ownership share from 60% to 100%. The developer has moved to a new office in Munich while also hiring additional staff, and the current studio heads will not be replaced. (It’s nice to be able to report on a studio expanding.)

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One of those studio heads, Benjamin Rauscher, described the company’s relationship with Kalypso Media positively by saying:

“We are very fortunate to have had a strong and secure publishing partner in Kalypso for over 10 years, who supports us at all times and shares our philosophy. At the same time, it is a great honour and a great responsibility for us to have such an important franchise as Tropico in our hands.”

Realmforge Studios has had an exclusive publishing agreement with Kalypso Media for a decade, so this doesn’t appear to be a rushed agreement. The studio also created Dungeons 3 and is working on Starbase Startopia for release next year.

If you want to give the new Caribbean Skies expansion a try, it will release on December 16th.

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