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Tropico 6 Lobbyistico DLC Out Now

Tropico 6 just released new DLC. Lobbyistico will let you engage in some political corruption as a game mechanic to ensure your El Presidente stays in office (for the good of the Tropican people, of course). By inviting lobbyists into your El Presidente Club, you can unlock new perks to help your economy. The corruption can cause negative effects, so you’ll have to carefully balance the rewards and consequences.

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The DLC will include a few other items to improve your nation. You can pick up three new buildings including the Corruption Agency and Official Residence. You will also receive new customization options and three new music tracks.

Tropico 6 was a great game when it released last year. It’s mix of strategy and dictatorship with a lot of humor made it a game to remember. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at leadership with a healthy dose of corruption, you can pick up the Lobbyistico DLC now.

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