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Trove Beta Now Live on PS4

Earlier in the year we covered how the free-to-play MMORPG Trove (Minecraft lookalike) was heading to consoles. Now the open beta has arrived on the PlayStation 4 today. You’ll be able to select up to fourteen classes while building guilds to explore the land with. There will also be capture the flag and team deathmatch PvP arenas as well.

Also, for anyone who spends money in the Trove Store during the beta will receive a legendary dragon mount known as Disaeon the Immortal. It will be able to take you across the world incredibly fast and unleash powerful ranged attacks from the sky. The best part though? All progress and things acquired during the beta will carry over into the main game!

The open beta can be downloaded right now for free from the PlayStation Store. Do let us know how you like it as any MMORPG can be quite the handful. No word was given on what limits are placed on Trove as it’s in beta status but we don’t mind finding that out on our own.

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