truck driver heading north dlc

Truck Driver ‘Heading North’ DLC Goes Off-Road on September 14th

Heading North for the winter.

SOEDESCO has announced that its truck-driving sim, Truck Driver, will be getting its new Heading North map expansion on September 14th, 2021 for all platforms. It’ll also be included in the next-gen edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, releasing as Truck Driver: Premium Edition.

The release date announcement today comes with a new trailer that shows some of the new map, as well as some of the new features like… going off-road? The press release states “players can now go off-road anywhere they like, which isn’t possible in most trucking games currently out there.”

Yeah, for good reason – trucks belong on roads. Duh.

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The presser also boasts that the new map will be better than the base game because it’ll actually have AI trucks: “…the trailer also shows a shot of an AI truck passing by, which means that at least in this new map, AI trucks will be present next to the existing AI vehicle models.”

Is that really a great thing to be bragging about? That the paid expansion has better features than the full game, or features that should have been in the full game to begin with? Truck Driver continues to deliver, just not the right stuff…

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