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Try Firewall Zero Hour Free This Weekend With PS Plus

If you’ve yet to get involved with First Contact Entertainment’s brilliant PSVR tactical shooter, you’ll soon have the chance to try the game out without putting any money down.

Sony has announced that there will be a free trial weekend for Firewall Zero Hour on PSVR, and that all PS Plus subscribers are welcome to join in and see what all the fuss is about. Just to be clear – this is a PSVR-only game, so you’ll need a PSVR headset to play.

The free weekend is the full package, too. You’ll be able to level up, play with friends, unlock weapons, and play every single map and game mode available, though the game isn’t exactly swimming with game modes. Most of the action takes place online, but there is a single player option that lets you fight against A.I opponents as you train and familiarise yourself with the game’s controls and weapons.

If you’ve got a PSVR Aim controller, you can use it – it’s fully supported. However, DualShock 4 controllers work just fine, too, but the best experience is had with the PSVR Aim controller. Still, if you’re only trying the game for the weekend then a DualShock 4 will do.

It should be noted that any trophies you unlock during the free trial weekend don’t carry over if you buy the full game, and that you won’t be able to purchase any of the cosmetic DLC during the free trial period.

I highly recommend Firewall Zero Hour to every PSVR owner. If you’ve not played it yet, you owe it to yourself to at least give them demo a shot. There’s a reason it reviewed well on Pure PlayStation and even made it to my #1 spot on my personal Game of the Year list.

If you’re looking to get the game on disc and you’re in need of a PSVR Aim controller, Amazon has the bundle you need.

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