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Try Not Being Eaten by a T. Rex in Jurassic World Evolution

A new gameplay trailer has broken free of containment for Jurassic World Evolution. It shows you changing the terrain, building fences, and generally making a magical prehistoric world for scared, shaky-jello-eating kids everywhere.

Although it is only about one and a half minutes, there is a lot on display. We even see a triceratops escape into a populated area, before being captured again. That could have been caused by a hurricane destroying your electrical and fencing systems, so the dinosaurs are not the only things causing trouble for the park.

Jurassic World Evolution seems to be a game made for anyone who watched the movies and thought, “I could do better”. That’s mostly because you can, and, now, you can prove it. When we eventually clone dinosaurs, hand them your game save instead of your resume to become the head of park design.

Until then, you will have to stay at your current dead-end job, and wait until June 12th for Jurassic World Evolution to release. On the bright side, a dead-end job is better than being eaten by a dinosaur almost 100% of the time.

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