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TT Isle of Man 2 is Great, Says Racing Ace Julien Toniutti in Video Interview

For most people, this is going to go flying over their heads, but for the hardcore motorbike racing fans, this is golden. I’m in the former camp, but nobody else was around to write this one up. I’ll do my best…

The developer behind the upcoming TT Isle of Man 2, KT Racing (the same studio making the new Test Drive Unlimited game) recently sat down with Toniutti to get a few sound bites out of his French mouth. Thankfully, the video up above does come with subtitles, so if you don’t speak French, I hope you can at the very least read English. If not, what the hell are you doing here?

TT Isle of Man 2 will release later this year on PS4 and other platforms.

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