TT Isle of Man 2 Will Be PS5 Compatible, Patch Is In Development

TT Isle of Man 2 was one of the ten games listed by Sony as being incompatible with the PlayStation 5. Well, that won’t be the case for long because the team behind the motorcycle racer has vowed to release a patch that will allow the game to run on the next generation of hardware. That makes it the second game off the short list to have its fate reversed, though it probably won’t be available at launch. But the important thing is that it’s coming.

It’s a little hard to understand what makes these few games incompatible. After all, if the PlayStation 5 can run PlayStation 4 games, what stops it playing all of them? But it looks like the fix isn’t as complicated as you’d think it to be, so maybe that 99% can slowly creep its way to 100% compatibility (which is what the Xbox Series X is, apparently, promising).

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KT Racing – the developer behind TT Isle of Man 2 – is currently hard at work on the update. So, even if it doesn’t land this November, it shouldn’t be too far behind the console’s launch. What’s more, the fix will ensure full functionality, which means you won’t be getting something that just runs in part. Just think what the Game Boost feature can do for our beloved Isle of Man!

However, all this just leaves us wondering whether the other incompatible games will get the PlayStation 5 treatment. Because it’s obviously doable, if they should want to. But will they see it as worth the effort?

Source: Nacon statement

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