Turn-Base JRPG Fairy Tail Delayed Until June 2020

The upcoming title Fairy Tail, based on the popular anime and manga series by Hiro Mashima has been delayed. The game by Koei Tecmo and GUST studios was originally planned to be released on 19th March 2020 next month but has now been pushed back to the later date of 25th June 2020.

Producer Keisuke Kikuchi stated:

“I am truly for FAIRY TAIL’s delay, and the inconvenience caused to our fans, partners and stakeholder who are looking forward to this title. Please allow us to take further time to polish the game to ensure it is as high quality as possible, so we can offer you a truly immersive experience. We will be working hard to enhance the magic effects, event scene effects, improving the game balance and more! We will talk about the improvement in more detail in the upcoming months. This delay will allow us to ensure we provide you a much more satisfying game. Thank you for understanding!”

It’s unfortunate, that Fairy Tail has been delayed. But if it ensures players will have more of a fulfilling experience when the game finally releases, then I think the majority of players won’t mind the schedule change. March looks like it has a job lot of titles on its way including, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 that will surely satisfy that anime itch for gamers in the meanwhile.

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For players not so familiar with the anime series, the story takes place in the magical vibrant land of Kingdom of Fiore, where wizards and mages reside. Multiple magical guilds fight for supremacy to be the highest rated guild in the region.

The game will take place during the “The Great Magic Games” story arc. Creator, Hiro Mashima is overseeing the project to make sure it captures the essence of the source material. The story follows hot-headed protagonist Natsu Dragneel, a fire dragon slayer from the Fairy Tail Guild as he takes on quests in his endeavours to rebuild his guild. You can form a party with over ten characters available from the anime in an old school turn-based role-playing game.

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