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Turn-Based RPG Sea of Stars Coming 2022

The team behind The Messenger has not been waiting for inspiration to strike for their next project. Announced today, Sea of Stars will be a turn-based RPG set in a pixelated world and arriving in 2022. (You know, around the time most of us will be able to leave our houses.) If you played The Messenger, this game is a prequel of sorts, but you don’t have to play it to enjoy the new game.

There will be a total of six playable characters, but the main story follows future Solstice Warriors, Valere and Zale. They are fighting monsters created by the creepily named Fleshmancer by using the combined powers of sun and moon to use eclipse magic. The trailer shows the difference between night and day, and the radiant lighting makes for a very pretty environment for exploration.

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Combat is turn-based, but you can take the initiative with a pre-emptive attack. Each of the six characters will have their own style of combat, and the game will challenge you to pick the best strategy to keep your team alive. One of the things I most excited about is that the game won’t have you grinding to victory. You will grow in power naturally as you go through the game. If you fail, use strategy to win, instead of losing four more hours killing fuzzy bunnies for experience.

Sea of Stars is still a long way off from release. It’s in Kickstarter now, but it’s scheduled for console release in 2022. For now, you can check out the trailer and some screenshots to appreciate the art style and settle in for the long wait.

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