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Turn Pain Into Strength in Crystar Gameplay Trailer

Crystar is an interesting action RPG, and this new gameplay trailer shows a little more of what you’ll be doing. For instance, you’ll be talking on the phone with friends, crying by yourself, and fighting through Purgatory to revive a dead sister. Of course it’s deeper than that, so let’s get into it.

To summarize the story, Crystar is Rei’s journey to rescue that sister I mentioned. She and Mirai are mysteriously pulled into Purgatory. While Rei is trying to get them safely home, they are attacked. Rei unleashes a mysterious power and kills Mirai. Two demons offer her a job as an Executor in Purgatory in exchange for bringing Mirai back to life. If you are grieving over the sister you killed, you’d probably flip burgers in Hell’s McDonalds, although Wendy’s probably owns the franchise rights there.

The job of an Executor isn’t easy, but you aren’t alone. You will need to fight your way through eight different stages and many wandering souls. You can switch to any of the other Executors at will even in the middle of combat. Powerful guardians can fight with you to help you overcome the enemies of the underworld.

As you kill those monsters, they will drop Torments. These little gems are their last thoughts, before you made them unable to think at all. They are often painful memories of those spirits, but you can purify them with your tears and use them to make you stronger.

If you are digging what this anime looking Orpheus has to offer, it will release on August 27th (NA) and August 30th (EU). Check out the trailer to see Crystar in action.

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