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Twin Stick Shooter Rive Hitting PS4 Next Month

Rive, a 2D twin stick shooter/platformer, is coming to the PS4 on September 13th. It will be the final game from the studio, Two Tribes, and they “are going out with a bang“. According to Collin van Ginkel, one of the founders, they are making sure their last game is absolutely perfect, especially after a development time that was three times what was originally planned.

Rive will allow 360 degree firing, the ability to hack your enemies, and multiple game modes. It looks like an interesting last dance for Two Tribes. To see more about the game, you can click here for its official site. The article on PlayStation Blog has more information about the process Two Tribes used to make games, and it gives you a little insight into the mind of a developer.

We at Pure PlayStation are always sad to see fewer companies making games, so we wish the best of luck to everyone at Two Tribes.

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