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Twitch Stream Scheduled For Monster Hunter: World This Week

Capcom has revealed that they plan on holding a Monster Hunter: World Twitch stream later this week. But the team were a little less open on what it may contain.

That isn’t a problem, however, as the gaming community are known to be adequate sleuths; home based Holmes’ to be exact. And the consensus seems to be that we’ll be finding out a little more about the game’s next big update – Iceborne – which is due to drop post summer. But will we be right about Wats-on the livestream, though? 

Obviously, the times and dates of said announcement will depend on where you are in the world. But it is scheduled for 00:00 in the UK and 01:00 CEST in Europe on May 10th, which translates to 19:00 Eastern Time and 16:00 Pacific Time on the 9th.

A Japanese translation will also be available for viewing over on YouTube.

If you happen to miss the announcement/s, rest assured the team here at Pure PlayStation will have you covered. So be sure to keep checking back for updates!

Is Monster Hunter: World still capturing your attention? Or have you long put down your spear? Go in search of the comments box below, and share your thoughts.

Source: Siliconera

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