Two New DualShock 4 Colours Announced For Europe

DualShock 4

Not more controller news“, we hear you scream. And in a way, we must agree with you. What with the recent third-party wired and wireless releases. But Sony has decided that there is a little shelf room left in the market for two more special edition DualShock 4 controllers, as announced on the Official PlayStation Blog. One may even look a tad familiar…

The first is a stylish Midnight Blue shade. We see this as a navy colour, with a lighter blue being used to style the highlights (options, share and directional arrows). We have to admit we still prefer the Wave Blue edition if it was between the two, but it’s still a nice addition. Especially if you’re looking for an alternative to the standard black model.

Now for the second, which is getting a second bite of the cherry. So to speak. This DualShock 4 is finished in Steel Black, which we are sure is available in all good colour charts should you wish to style your home to match. This metallic design made its debut back in 2016. But in a display of Schwarzenegger-ism, it is back with vengeance in the guise of the all-new DualShock 4.

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Both controllers will be available across Europe from March 8th. There is no mention of price but it is probably safe to say that the standard retail price of around £49.99 wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Has either colour caught your eye? Is buying a DualShock 4 becoming a harder decision than naming your newborn? Is there a colour still missing from the ever expanding range that you think deserves a launch? Paint your comments below. 

DualShock 4

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