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Two New PSVR Games Releasing Today, The Walker and 18 Floors

Winking Entertainment is bringing two brand new virtual reality games to Sony’s PSVR headset today, as announced in a press release sent to Pure PlayStation.

The first game, The Walker, is an action shooter that take place in old Shanghai where the undead are your enemies and it’s your job to make them dead again. Sounds pretty standard, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it plays before passing judgement.

The second game, 18 Floors, is a bit more relaxed in the sense that you won’t be fending off hordes of monsters. It’s a puzzle game at its core, and it’s steeped in Chinese culture too. Sounds interesting.

Both games are available today on the European PlayStation Stores (they released yesterday in North America), and are only available as digital downloads. So don’t go mooching around Tesco for a copy because you aren’t going to find one.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to put out a review in the very near future, so if you’re unsure about the games and want some not-so-expert advice, hang around for a day or two and we’ll let you know what’s what.

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