Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Is Now Live on PS4, Patch Notes Here

Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Is Now Live on PS4, Patch Notes Here

It was at the end of last month on February 25th that Two Point Hospital console edition was released onto the PS4, Xbox One and Switch. With the 1.01 update being released promptly not too long after its release that improved gameplay and fixed minor bugs. It was without a doubt one of the standout games that came out last month for the PS4. However, the latest update 1.02 is now live on PS4 and we’ve got all the details! The lovely folks at Two Point Hospital gave everyone the heads up that an update of sorts was heading soon to console players in the near future via their website on March 5th. These updates for the PS4 have now gone live and the update file is 816.8 MB.

Version 1.02
Fixes & Updates

  • Added Display Area Setting support via the PlayStation 4 System Menu.
  • Increased Staff cap to 100.
  • Resolved multiple crash bugs.
  • Fixed Lighting and shadow display issue at 4K resolution.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

On the Two Point Hospital official twitter page, we’ve also been informed that a Sandbox mode, like on PC edition will be coming soon in the near future as well. It’s not known at this given time if it will affect trophies.

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