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Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Legion Leaks, Full Reveal at E3 2019

We all knew that Watch Dogs 3 was coming at some point this year, what with the numerous leaks and rumours that have been flying around the internet for the last few months. Now we have official confirmation from Ubisoft that the next game in the hacking series is called Watch Dogs Legion and that it will be unveiled at E3 2019.

What’s more is that Ubisoft has seemingly confirmed that the game will in fact be set in London, as per the previous rumours and leaks.

Ubisoft’s teasing tweet, which you can see for yourself below, states “God Save the NPCs,” a clear reference to the UK monarchy and the traditional “God save the Queen” phrase.

According to earlier rumours and leaks, the game will be set in London and it’ll focus more on stealth and hacking rather than gunplay. Apparently it takes place in a post-Brexit United Kingdom and instead of focusing on one character, the game will let players take control of any and all NPCs within London. Just quite how this will work is a mystery to me but the shroud of secrecy will be lifted soon enough.

Previous Watch Dogs games were set in Chicago and San Francisco, so Watch Dogs Legion will mark the first entry in the series to make the jump over the pond to merry England. In fact, it’s one of the few open-world games set within the British Isles since The Getaway back during the PS2-era.

Source: Twitter

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