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Ubisoft Details The Crew 2 Season Pass and Free Post-Launch Content Plans

Ubisoft has today announced what players will have to look forward to in the months after The Crew 2’s June 29th release – and it’s looking good for us cheapskates.

While the Season Pass is still there for those who want to buy it ($39.99), there will be no paid-for DLC after the game’s release. Ubisoft is committing to keeping the game’s player base together, so that means that all cars and events that are added to the game post-release will not cost real-life money. Instead of paying for an expansion pack or a car pack, you can earn them with in-game currency. I’m going to guess that the in-game currency can be bought with real money, though. Still, I for one appreciate Ubisoft keeping its players playing together.

Ubisoft has stated that The Crew 2 will get Live Updates every three months, the first of which is to come in September. Gator Rush will be the first Live Update, and it’ll add new vehicles, hovercrafts, events, and a new Legendary rarity level for every vehicle part in the game. Not bad.

In December’s Live Update, Ubisoft will add PvP lobbies to the game to compliment the existing co-op gameplay on offer. Good for those who want it, I guess.

There was a new trailer released alongside the announcement, but that seems to have been pulled. The announcement now states that the trailer is “coming soon”. Once the trailer is ready for public consumption, we’ll have it right here on Pure PlayStation.

So, will you buying the Season Pass to get early access to new vehicles, or are you already mentally preparing yourself for the grind? Let us know down in the comments section below.


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