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Ubisoft Forward: Everyone Can Be a Hero in Watch Dogs: Legion; Coming October 29

Watch Dogs: Legion started off Ubisoft Forward with a bang. The first thing shown was a short film inspired by the game and world. I’ll post that at the bottom, but it shows a person running from Albion and an eventful choice made by a cab driver that changes his life forever.

The next trailer is actual gameplay, and it shows the core premise of the game. You can recruit anyone you see to your resistance. This includes a drone expert, a construction worker, a hitman that looks a lot like John Wick, and even someone’s granny. You can use any of your recruits to tackle missions with their special abilities, and the missions are open to experimentation. They showed the difference in approach through a construction worker, drone expert, and the hitman I mentioned earlier.

London will have its share of villains from the evil guy in charge of Albion, the security firm in charge of keeping London safe, to Mary Kelley, the unscrupulous crime boss. They are both people worth opposing, and they want you dead yesterday.

Check out the trailers, and you can play Watch Dogs: Legion on October 29th.

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