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Ubisoft Giving Away Original Watch Dogs With Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass

Ubisoft will be giving away the original Watch Dogs game to those who buy the Gold Edition of Watch Dogs Legion, or those who stump up the cash for the Season Pass.

So, if you buy the regular edition – which I am genuinely surprised hasn’t been replaced by “Chumps” edition to pressure young folk to buy the more expensive version – you’ll get nothing extra, just the game, but you will have the option to buy the Season Pass on its own.

If you buy Watch Dogs Legion: Gold Edition, or the Ultimate Edition, you’ll get the Season Pass included, and the Season Pass gives players access to a digital copy of the original Watch Dogs game. The Season Pass also throws in four playable heroes that aren’t available to the chumps, as well as extra story content, DedSec missions, and a sweet DedSec car.

This whole giving-a-game-away schtick is becoming more common, especially within Ubisoft’s portfolio of games – and I love it. It’s a great way to bag a decent game, and if you already know you’re not a chump and that you’ll be paying excess for the Season Pass or Gold Edition, it’s nice to know you’re gonna get a decent game out of it, too. Fair play, Ubi. Fair play.

As Watch Dogs Legion will be releasing across generations, it’s safe to say that if you get Watch Dogs Legion, and by extension, the original Watch Dogs, on PS4, you’ll be able to bag them again on PS5. It’s kind of nice to know that we can start filling out our next-gen libraries before we’ve even touched the new consoles, isn’t it?

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