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Ubisoft is Announcing a New Ghost Recon Game This Week

It’s been hinted at for a while now via in-game secrets that Ubisoft has been stealthily dropping by way of updates, but it’s finally official. Sort of.

Ubisoft hasn’t actually said that it will be announcing a new Ghost Recon game specifically, only that it will be streaming a World Premiere. Oh, and it’s got a massive Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon logo on the announcement website. So, yeah, a new Ghost Recon game is a safe bet.

Personally, I’m mortified that Ubisoft would chase more Ghost Recon money over a new Sam Fisher game. The rumours, the whispers, and Sam Fisher’s cameo appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands all seemed to indicate that Ubisoft would be bringing the Splinter Cell series back to the forefront of the gaming mind share. Alas, it is not to be. At least not yet.

Expect a new Ghost Recon game to be shown off on May 9th, and then more coverage during E3, especially during Ubisoft’s stage conference. Maybe Sam Fisher will sneak his way onto the stage at E3? A man can dream…

You can tune into the reveal stream on May 9th at 11:30PM Pacific time, or 7:30PM UK time, and 8:30PM for the rest of Europe. Coincidentally, Sony’s next State of Play broadcast is on the same day, though a few hours later.

Source: Ubisoft

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