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Ubisoft Makes Watch Dogs 2 New Multiplayer Mode Free to All

Ubisoft has announced that the new multiplayer mode for Watch Dogs 2, titled Showd0wn, will now be available to all after it had been initially included in the next DLC.

Showd0wn did form part of the No Compromise premium download due to be released on April 18th but is now available to download as a free standalone update on April 17th.

As this feature has been removed from No Compromise, Ubisoft will be filling the Showd0wn sized hole with new time trials, weapons, vehicles and outfis.

It is a smart move by Ubisoft who risked dividing their multiplayer users base by those who had Showd0wn and those who did not.

Showd0wn is described as a PvP online team based mode, and will be joined by other freebies including an armoured truck (for single and co-op play), paintball rifle (non lethal), and multiplayer drone and motocross races.

No Compromise will pit Marcus against the Russian Mob in a new Dedsec Operation – Moscow Gambit.

The Russians are coming! Think you can hack it? Let us know. 

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