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Ubisoft Vow to Improve Ghost Recon: Breakpoint With Many Updates

Ubisoft has openly admitted Ghost Recon: Breakpoint wasn’t the success they were hoping for. But all is not lost. That’s because the studio have vowed to improve the game beyond recognition, through the release of revolutionary updates.

Gamers have brought a number of issues to light – both online and in person with the team. Specifically, they have found fault with the sheer amount of microtransactions on offer and the loot system, amongst other things. However, all of the comments have been taken on board and plans are already in place to remedy them.

So in addition to the usual post launch content, you can now expect them to develop AI teammates (as promised at E3 2019), scale back on a few of the polarising new features and improve the overall performance. The latter of which has proven quite poor in a number of important areas, which is exemplified further by Ubisoft making explicit reference to them in their blog.

These technical details are also largely to blame for the lack of immersion experienced, something the team are also determined to improve. In fact, they’re working on a more “radical and immersive version of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.”

The entire blog post can be found here. But could it all prove too little too late for the Tom Clancy’s namesake?

Has Ghost Recon: Breakpoint driven you to breaking point? Evac a comment now.

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