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Ubisoft Wants to Know if You’d Play The Division in Another Time Period or New City

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division is enjoying its time in the limelight after a succesful release but Ubisoft is already probing its players for possible ideas for the future.

A new survey is being emailed to players of The Division, and in that survey Ubisoft asks whether players are happy with loot drops, online multiplayer, and more. What really stands out is that Ubisoft is also asking if players would be interested in seeing The Division shift over to other time period and cities.

It’s all just questions at the moment and there’s nothing to say that Ubisoft will release an expansion for The Division that takes players back to sticks and stones warfare, but it does at least show the publisher and the developer are willing to take customer feedback and then feed back what they might want. Then again, we can’t really see The Division being moved to a vastly different time period, but maybe just another time during the outbreak of the virus. Perhaps at the start when all the chaos was going on? Or maybe fast-forward a few years in time where humanity has gone to complete crap.

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