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Ubisoft Was Working on a New Splinter Cell Game Not So Long Ago

Sam Fisher has been hiding in the shadows for far too long. It was great seeing him cameo in Ghost Recon Wildlands – and hearing Ironside’s dulcet tones – but it didn’t quite do it, at least not for hardcore Splinter Cell fans. Those of us who know Sam Fisher best want to see him in his fully glory once more, not as a sideshow act in another game.

It could be that a new Splinter Cell game is actually being worked on. Back in 2014 Jade Raymond was working at Ubisoft where the famed developer was supposedly working on a new outing for our favourite assassin. For those who are wondering who this Jade Raymond is, she was a part of the team that brought us the criminally underrated Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the back-end of the last generation.

She recently had a chat with GameReactor where she was asked about what a new Splinter Cell game could possibly look like. Unfortunately she didn’t answer the question straight, but she did reveal that, at one point four-ish years ago, that the developer was working on a new game. She said,you know what? There’s a design that we actually had and we worked on that we wanted to make, but since I’m not at Ubisoft any more I can’t talk about it.”

So what could that mean? It’s a vague thing to say and I wouldn’t put money on it one way or another, but it could be read as Ubisoft canned the game in favour of something else, or the development continued after Raymond left. Who knows. My money – all 2€ of it – is on Ubisoft bringing Sam Fisher back in some form or another. It’d be mighty odd for Ubi to bring Sam back for a 20-minute cameo in another game and not have future plans for the likeable killer. Whether that means a brand new Splinter Cell or a crossover game featuring Sam Fisher, I’m not sure. At this point I’d take anything – just not another dud cameo in a distinctly average game…

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