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Ubisoft Won’t Charge More For PS5 Games At Launch

A recent advert for 2K Games suggested a ten dollar premium on PlayStation 5 games compared to the current generation, taking them to $69.99 at launch. This caused widespread speculation that we’d see similar throughout the industry. But today Ubisoft have denied such claims. They have stated they will charge the same for both versions of the game, at least until next year. Then, it’s anyone’s guess.

Now, I guess these comments allow us to budget for the console’s release. At least when it comes to Ubisoft’s games. But the shortness of such a price plateau doesn’t give us much security. They specifically stated that Christmas releases would be sixty dollars at launch, with no comment on the remaining months. This means the suggested price hike is still very likely, and could still change the way in which we choose to buy the games we’re interested in.

The comments were made during a recent earning’s call, whereby Bloomberg report the following was said:

“We are concentrating on the Christmas releases.

“We have decided those games will be launched at $60.”

So, that means Watch Dogs: Legion, for example, will cost the same regardless of your hardware choice. But do Ubisoft really have the option to put the price up? Because, if games launch on the PlayStation 4 at the cheaper RRP with the prospect of a free PS5 upgrade, buying the game with backwards compatibility in mind makes more financial sense.

I guess there’s a chance it won’t work or the upgrade doesn’t come/is a premium. But the saving over a year surely makes the gamble worth the risk, right?

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