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Uh-Oh, It Looks Like the Assassin’s Creed Movie is Another Stinky Video Game Adaptation

Well, we kind of saw this one coming: Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed movie is being panned by the critics who’ve had early screenings to the film. As of the time of writing, the movie is resting on a Metacritic score of just 37. Ouch.

Most complaints geared towards the movie relate to the confusing plot and lack of clarity within. One reviewer even went as far to claim that the movie was basically “all about the parts you might skip in the games.” Double ouch.

We’ve yet to sit through Michael Fassbender’s latest work, but when we do finally get our arses out of Pure PlayStation HQ to venture to the cinema, we’ll be sure to give it a watch and let you know what we think.

Have you seen the Assassin’s Creed movie? Is it a total stinker, or is it fan-service at its finest? Eagle dive into the comments section below.

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