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UK Deal: PlayStation Classic is Less Than £50 on Amazon

Sony’s PlayStation Classic hasn’t even been out for a full calendar month yet and it’s already half-price. The mini machine failed to impress when it released earlier this month and now retailers are slashing the price to get rid of the damn thing.

Amazon UK has kicked off its Boxing Day Sales today and one item of note is the aforementioned PlayStation Classic which can be bought for a paltry £49.99. It’s literally three weeks old. It’s a similar story in North America, too.

The problems with the console are numerous – games being shipped in the inferior PAL format; the lack of dedicated power cable; a selection of games that don’t respect the original console’s legacy. The list goes on, really, and it’s the reason you won’t have read a review for the console here at Pure PlayStation – none of us were daft enough to buy the bloody thing.

All that being said, if you don’t mind the shortcomings or you’re looking to buy a late Christmas present for a gaming friend or relative, you could do worse. Ahem, Fallout 76…

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