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Deal: UK Price Drop For Project Cars 2 Physical

If you are still revving for a chance to give Project Cars 2 a spin, now is your time. That’s because the latest edition in the racing series is enjoying a price drop at UK retailers. But the race could be on to grab a copy before the offers splutter to an end so get your pedal to the metal!

From the limited research we’ve done so far, Amazon, Game and Sainsbury’s are all getting in on the action. And there’s a saving of around six pound to be had, on average, so it’s a little more than a token effort. The prices, at the time of writing, are

  • Amazon UK : £11.99 from £18
  • Sainsbury’s : £13.99 from £23
  • Game : £11.99 from £18

Compared to the current price of the game over on the PlayStation Store – £47.99 – these are a bargain! But what exactly do you get for your bucks?

How about the largest roster of tracks ever to grace a video game, 170+ cars, dynamic track degradation and full weather systems. Not to mention the vast selection of racing classes and online presence. But the most exciting additions are the Rallycross events and Mercedes’ ice training track – has anyone told you you drive like a penguin?

The consensus amongst the community is that Project Cars 2 leaves a little to be desired compared to all it promises. There’s also the issue that controller handling, despite being an improvement over the first, is still a little unpredictable – but then again, any car game that isn’t arcadey in style is going to need time, patience and setting tweaking before you’re anywhere near competitive. And they are made with a wheel-pedal setup in mind, no matter what the developers say.

Just for reference, this writer is very happy with all that’s on offer, even when she’s mainly using the DualShock 4. Yes, there is room for improvement but nothing is perfect. And if you’re realistic about what it is – that being more Assetto Corsa than Gran Turismo Sport – there’s little to disappoint.

*all prices stated are for the standard edition of Project Cars 2 and are correct at the time of writing. It is difficult to say when the sales will end – maybe they’re already back to full price! yada yada yada.

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