Ultimate Editions of Gal*Gun Games Bursting with Sexy DLC and Lovable Lewdness

The two entries in the Gal*Gun series are receiving new versions with almost all of the DLC included. Gal*Gun Double Peace – Ultimate Edition is available now on the PS Vita (yes, really), and it will release on PS4 on May 20th. The lewd rail-shooter will not include the Pheromone Z DLC, but it will include what appears to be everything and the kitchen sink of costumes. There are 21 in total including Sexy Ribbons, Bewitching Sorceress, Bunny Kigurumi, Queen of Pain, Prisoner of Love, Hidden Desire, and You’re a Squid Now. There will also be two “size” modifiers named Demon Pork Buns and Angel Cutting Board.

The sequel, Gal*Gun 2 – Complete Edition, also packs more than a bikini top in an anime series “day at the beach” episode. It’s available now for you to remove skirts and shoot hearts at your favorite waifu. Along with more panties than you can shake a controller at, it will also drop 21 costumes on you. Some of these include Bubble Bath Bikini, Meowvelous Sweater, Angelic Nurse Uniform, Fancy Maid Mini-skirt, Sexy Shrine Maiden, Sergeant Suspenders, and Slime Time.

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If you are on the fence about these games, I’ll put up trailers for both. Gal*Gun 2 will be at the top, and Gal*Gun will be at the bottom. (They might show Steam, but the general idea is the same on either platform.) Since the sequel was not made with the PS Vita in mind, it looks far more crisp visually, but you may want the original due to its portability to keep it away from disapproving eyes. No judgments here, friend.

If they convince you to make a purchase, Gal*Gun 2 – Complete Edition is available now with the PS4 version of Gal*Gun Double Peace – Ultimate Edition coming on May 20th.

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