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Unboxing the Persona 5 Premium Edition is Proof the Game Will Be Released

Companies have started to realize that people like to watch unboxing videos on the internet, so they have started doing more of the unboxing themselves. In the spirit of cutting out the middleman, Atlus has created a new video showcasing their special edition of Persona 5.

Dubbed the “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition, the video shows the very reflective SteelBook version of the game, a hardcover art book with many shots of the protagonist’s posterior, a 19 track CD for the game’s soundtrack, a student bag modeled after the character’s bags, and a 4 inch (10.16 cm) Morgana plush.

This is the largest special edition for the largest game that Atlus has ever made, and they are no stranger to fancy new editions. They even had one for Persona 3 FES, which was an updated release of a game already on the PS2.

These premium editions are only getting bigger. Maybe it is for the best that they move on from Persona to a new series. The box for Persona 6’s special edition might require a forklift to move.

Have you moved beyond physical games and special editions, or do you still want all the goodies you can handle? Let us know your thoughts on special editions in the comments. 

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