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Uncanny Valley Releasing in February

What’s been described as a love letter to retro survival horror has a release date as confirmed by Digerati Distribution. The PlayStation 4/Vita version will launch on February 7 for North America and February 8th for Europe at the price point of $11.99/€11.99/£11.99.

Uncanny Valley puts you in the shoes of Tom, a simple security guard working the night shift at an abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere. According to every 80’s horror movie ever, that is strictly not a good idea. He soon discovers that there are unnerving secrets hidden behind the facility’s walls.

There will also be a consequence system within the gameplay. Failing won’t always be greeted with death in order to have lasting effects on the player. Instead of dying you could break an arm which makes it harder to use weapons and open objects. The game wants you to think about certain situations and rethink your approach if any of these events occur. As such, there will also be multiple endings for players to discover. You can view the game’s launch trailer above.

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