Uncharted 4 Gets A New Multiplayer Map

Uncharted 4 Gets A New Multiplayer Map

The Uncharted 4 Lost Treasures DLC wasn’t too long ago but Naughty Dog has already cooked up another free map for multiplayer. It’s called New Devon and set in the lush ruins of a pirate colony. Reports say it is the largest online map yet and will feature vast, open exteriors with elevated vantages. If you’re worrying about being sniped over and over again on New Devon, there will be tight corridors within the level for close-quarters combat. The best part is the new map DLC is out right now!

There’s also some additional goodies on the new, September DLC pack and multiplayer patch logs over on the PlayStation Blog. Let us know how you fare in the new level! Will you be sniper fodder or no?

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