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Uncharted 4 Originally Had You Play Fetch With a Dog and More Weird Stuff

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End released to rave reviews earlier this month but it didn’t rub everyone up the right way. For us, the amount of stupid crated, the amount of stupid triangle button mashing and the amount of boring-ness was a real turn off during an otherwise great game.

We weren’t the only ones to criticise Uncharted 4’s shortcomings in our review, and it seems that even the guy who wrote the game’s story acknowledges that there was more than a bit of fluff, even if he does try to defend it.

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk a little about Uncharted 4. Druckmann revealed that there were lots of things that got cut from the final game, some of which we’re not too sorry to see left on the cutting room floor.

“You could play fetch with the dog in the epilogue. There was a ball when you walked outside, and you could pick it up and throw it, and the dog had A.I. to actually pick it up and run back to you,” Drumann stated, before explaining that the section was cut as the dog animation looked “janky”. That’s not all. According to Druckmann Uncharted 4 also has a snow ball fight sequence where Nate and Sam would lob balls of snow at one another. The reason for this being cut was that it just didn’t fit “tonally” – something we agree on as a little later in the level in question, the Drake brothers go ahead and shoot a bunch of dudes dead.

When asked about all the bloody crates and boosting other characters up, Druckmann explained that it’s for “pacing, and trying to get you to work with your ally. How can I work with my ally to get through a space? Is it through a boost? Is it through a crate?” before defending the sections as being character bonding moments. Neil, mate, they’re balls. You can’t defend it. Why boost someone up a 10-foot wall and then force the player to run around for 10 minutes when they’ve got a perfectly good rope hanging off their belt? Just saying.

What do you think? Did Uncharted 4 feel a little boring and stretched-out at times, or did you actually enjoy the button mashing? Explore the comments section down below.

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