Uncharted 4 PC Release Date Confirmed as Sony Doubles Down on PC Gaming

Sony has confirmed that another big-hitting console exclusive game will be making the jump to PC.

First, it was Horizon Zero Dawn, then Days Gone, now it’s Uncharted 4‘s turn to find a new home on PC. While it’s no surprise that Sony will be releasing more of its first-party games on PC in the future, it’s still a little surprising to see that Sony will release Uncharted 4 on PC.

As part of the companies investor relations slides, Uncharted 4 is listed as an upcoming PC release for PlayStation’s off-console growth strategy, along with web, mobile, and cloud streaming. At this time, there has not been an official announcement by Sony as to when Nathan Drake will find his new home on PC, but expect something in the near future.

Expect more first-party ports to PC, too, but don’t expect them to release anytime close to their console release dates. These games are still being used to sell consoles, so it stands to reason Sony will only send them to PC once they’ve stopped doing their job on the console side of the business.

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Is it a bad thing? That depends on who you ask. For most, it’s an obvious evolution and a great way of gaining new players. For others, it’s tantamount to treason and that console games should stay on console and that Sony is cheapening its brand by releasing its games on PC. Personally, I think it’s great because unless Uncharted 4 gets a PS5 patch like The Last of Us 2, PC might be the only way to experience Nate’s big send-off at 60fps/4K.


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