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Uncharted 4: Survival Co-Op Finally Detailed

Earlier in the year Uncharted 4 developer, Naughty Dog (as if you didn’t know), revealed that their plans for the game’s multiplayer involved co-op. Since then virtually nothing has been said or discovered on the topic. That is until game designer Vinit Agarwal smashed the ice today over on the PlayStation Blog. Uncharted 4: Survival will be a wave based, horde mode you can compete in with two additional friends or by your lonesome. People who enjoyed the co-op experience in Uncharted 2 an 3 will have a lot to remember here, but there’s been no word on if there will be any loosely based plot threads involved.

This time around there will be fifty different waves across ten different maps to complete. Your enemies will be the Shoreline mercenaries and as expected will come across brutes, snipers, hunters, and ghostly remains of the pirate warlords that act as boss battles. Those Founders of Libertalia in particular will be wielding powerful mystical attacks so don’t take them lightly, especially in the later waves. You’ll bob and weave past these enemies while defending areas, collecting treasures, and taking our marked targets. Naughty Dog also revealed that they’ll introduce modifiers so that sometimes only pistols, headshots, or melee attacks will do damage.

This game mode will have its own progression system, challenges, and loadouts. Some boosters will even be exclusive to Uncharted 4: Survival. Additionally, once you clear all fifty waves on the hard difficulty, you’ll unlock Crushing Mode. Fans of the series know that this is the ultimate test of your skill. At the moment, the plan for release is sometime late next month. However, people attending the PlayStation Experience event will be able to get early hands-on with the co-op. You can check out the trailer above and definitely let us know what you think about this rendition of cooperative gameplay from Naughty Dog!

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