Uncharted 4 Survival Mode Brings the Social Pain on PS4 This Week

Shown off during this year’s PSX event, Uncharted 4: Survival will release on PS4 as a free update later on this week, as confirmed by the game’s developer, Naughty Dog

The free add-on puts players in set locations with a few buddies to fend off the increasingly difficult waves of foes. It looks like a hoot, that’s for sure, but as we weren’t in attendance at this year’s PSX (oi, Sony, you got our correct mail address?) we can’t tell you whether it’s any good or not, so we’ll be trying it out for the first time along with everyone else when it releases this week.

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There’s still more to come from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End by way of updates and whatnot, not to mention the spin-off game, The Lost Legacy, which features Chloe Frazer as the protagonist.

Looking forward to teaming up with some mates to take on the bad guys in Uncharted 4: Survival? Or have you not got anybody to play with? If that’s the case, give us a shout down in the comments below and we’ll go a few rounds.

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