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Uncharted 4 Update Version 1.09 Out Now on PS4

Damn, Naughty Dog, back at it again with the Uncharted 4 updates? If you don’t get that meme, good ‘damn, Daniel.’

But yes, there’s yet another Uncharted 4 update ready to download on PS4. It was only yesterday that we had version 1.08 release but today we’recommend back waiting for another download to install,this time version 1.09.

Thankfully, the download is only small (66MB) and doesn’t take up a massive amount of hard drive space.

The patch notes are below:

Uncharted 4 Update Version 1.09 Patch Notes

Fix for Triple Pack owners

Yep, just a nice small and simple update. That’s the way we like them.

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