Uncover Norway’s Mysterious Past in Draugen, Coming February 21st

If there’s one The Vanishing of Ethan Carter taught me its that beautiful natural landscapes are often host to sinister murder mysteries and strange eldritch phenomena. That logic holds true in Draugen, a single-player, first-person ‘Fjord Noir’ mystery from Dreamfall Chapters developer Red Thread Games.

Set in 1923, you play as Edward Charles Harden, an American naturalist searching for his missing sister in the picturesque town of Graavik, Norway. Accompanied by your young ward Lissie, you must explore Graavik, piecing together clues and unearthing its dark past in a twisting noir narrative grounded in Norwegian folklore.

Draugen releases for PlayStation 4 on February 21st. Check out the announcement trailer above.

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