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Unearthing Mars for PSVR Releasing on January 19th, 2017 in Asia; Western Release Very Likely

We’ll be honest: We had no idea what Unearthing Mars was until we got an email tip telling us that it’ll be releasing early next year on PSVR, though only in Asia.

The company behind the game, Winking Entertainment, has put out a new trailer today for Unearthing Mars along with a release date of January 19th, 2017. There’s no announcement just yet for a western release just yet, though we imagine one won’t be far off given that the game supports English as a language option. Like, why bother with the English langauge if you’re not going to release it in English-speaking regions?

Unearthing Mars is basically an adventure game set on Mars. According to the developers, you’ll be doing all kinds of stuff. You’ll be solving puzzles one minutes, and then shooting your space gun the next. Sounds like a hoot to us, though we’ve been burned in the past with VR releases, so we’ll be tempering our expectations for now. We’ve reached out to Winking Entertainment to see if they’ve any release date in mind for us western folks.

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