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Unearthing Mars Receives Western Release Date, Trailer, and Story Info

PlayStation VR experiences in outer space make a lot of sense. Especially when involving visiting other planets. It’s just unfortunate that The Martian VR was absolute crap and Unearthing Mars didn’t have much details for the western version. That is until Brand Manager of Winking Entertainment, Eric Tsai, took to the PlayStation Blog today. He announced that the PSVR sci-fi adventure would hit the PlayStation Store for the United States on March 7th. No word was given if Europe, Canada, or Mexico would receive it as well. We’ll keep you updated on that front.

Mr. Tsai also detailed some information about Unearthing Mars beyond just gameplay footage. The title will have ten different stages, each with a unique gameplay mechanic, as the protagonists try to unravel certain secrets of the red planet. It’s said to play more like a science fiction novella rather than a documentary. The first half of the game will focus on utilizing a landing craft vehicle. The latter half will introduce puzzle solving and first-person shootouts. Let’s hope we’re not shooting at those water monsters from Doctor Who’s time on Mars.

Some technical details were also mentioned such as: minimal on-screen UI, full voice overs, facial and body motion captures, and natural sounding effects. A short trailer is above for your viewing pleasure.

Soon another PSVR adventure will join our libraries and you best believe we’ll cover it just for you dear readers. Not only should you tell us why you’re looking forward to Unearthing Mars on March 7th, but also let us know what other space-like games you’d like to see in your headsets.

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