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Unrailed! Unleashes Crazy Co-op Action Today

I’m always looking out for the next great co-op game to play when my family gets together for the holidays, and Unrailed! may be a contender. The game allows up to four players in online or local co-op and two players in versus mode. The goal is to build a track, so that your locomotive can arrive safely at the next station or just not run out of track. Your train could derail or overheat, and you’ll have obstacles and animals to keep you from your goal.

Winning is more than just getting from A to B. You’ll need to gather supplies to craft new track pieces, quickly plan the best route, and communicate with other players to harness a team strategy. As I mentioned, the terrain and residents won’t be on your side across five biomes, including the new one on Mars. There will be a dynamic weather system with a day and night cycle, and the levels are dynamically generated to make sure every game keeps you on your toes.

There are additional cars to upgrade, and it should lead to tense fun with some laughs and cursing. Those are the recipes for a good co-op game for me. Check out the trailer at the top. If it looks like a winner, it’s out today.

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