Unravel’s Trophy List Is Online – There’s A Platinum

Remember that surprise announcement during EA’s E3 press conference last year? Well just in case you don’t we’ll bring you up to speed, it was Coldwood Interactive’s new game Unravel. In Unravel player take control of the cutest protagonist since Sackboy, his name is Yarney. Players will platform and puzzle their way through Yarney’s emotional adventure, in fact they can do so right now because the game just launched today!

Along with the game’s launch came its trophy list. Here at Pure PlayStation we value trophies above all else, so naturally we wanted to take a peek at these. There’s 26 trophies in total and best of all one of them is a platinum. Take a look for yourself down below.

  • The Red thread (Platinum)
    Collect all trophies
  • Renewed
    Mend a broken bond
  • No stone unturned
    Find every secret
  • Not so fragile after all
    Finish each level from start to finish without dying
  • Missing piece
    Find the first missing piece
  • Watch the waves
    Find the second missing piece
  • Found at last
    Find the third missing piece
  • Walkabout
    Find the fourth missing piece
  • Everlasting
    Find the fifth missing piece
  • Scarred earth
    Find the sixth missing piece
  • Shut down
    Steal the sixth missing piece back
  • Reach out
    Find the seventh missing piece
  • Cold but warm
    Find the eighth missing piece
  • Time will catch up
    Find a broken half piece
  • The end is not the end
    Find the other broken half piece
  • Gardener
    Tear down all the thistles in one go
  • Eagle eye
    Find the secret hidden in the tree tops where you fly
  • Pacifist
    Make it through the mire in one go without swatting any mosquitoes
  • Get a clew
    Get the secret hidden in the mountain maze
  • Pathfinder
    Make it to the water wheel without using a log raft
  • Dig where you stand
    Use the excavator to find a secret
  • Undaunted
    Find the secret in the crushing zapping death machine
  • Obsessive
    Break all the ice on the way to the letterbox in one go
  • Snowfall
    Clear all the snowy branches in one go
  • Reckless
    Find the secret in the engine room
  • Flow
    Use your lasso to jump between 25 different points without touching the ground
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