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Use Deju Vu to Beat the Puzzles in Transpose for PSVR

Do you ever wish there was more than one of you to get everything done in a day? What if you could combine your actions to accomplish more? Transpose is one answer to how that would work. Inside of three different worlds and over thirty levels, you will record the actions of your past self and use that to solve puzzles.

This is a game for the spatially-minded. Since it’s using the PSVR, you can look around your environment, but you can also walk on the walls or ceiling. The actions you make are what will be recorded. By doing this enough, your army of past “yous” can work together to find the correct solution.

Transpose is being developed by Secret Location, the creators of Blasters of the Universe (review). They are estimating players will take approximately eight hours to complete Transpose, and it will be priced at $19.99 (USD).

Announced today, Secret Location President Ryan Andal was very positive about VR, it’s possibilities, and how Transpose is perfect for the medium. He said,

“VR is all about wonder, and we wanted to encapsulate that in a game that extends our perception of what’s possible in VR through a lengthy and fully-realized experience. Transpose’s heavy surrealism is our attempt to, literally and figuratively, completely turn you on your head and transport you into a warped reality you’d never be able to experience otherwise – this is when VR is at its best.”

Check out the announcement trailer to see a quick glimpse of that surrealism in action. Although we don’t have a release date for this one yet, Transpose is coming later this fall.

Does anyone else get a strong Lawnmower Man vibe from the visuals? (It’s not a bad thing at all.) Let us know your take in the comments.

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