V-Rally Resurrected From the PSone Graveyard With V-Rally 4


Hold on to your fishnets, this news is out of the blue! The PSone bestseller V-Rally is making a comeback to consoles this year with an all new and technologically updated dirt experience. V-Rally 4 will be the first installment in fifteen years, but don’t you remember it like yesterday? We do.

The fourth release in the series is scheduled to release this September. And it’s all thanks to Kylotonn, who is the studio giving this blast from the past a kiss of life. Coupled with the publishing prowess of Bigben Interactive, and this looks like a game with great promise. We’ve said that before but this time we have faith.

Further information about V-Rally 4 is quite vague, though the press release did convey a sense that it is being taken seriously and not just a shot at resurrecting a title due to “fond memories”.

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It read, “With V-Rally 4, the goal is to remain faithful to the identity of the franchise, which earned the support of millions of fans, and to strike a perfect balance between sensation, presentation, and simulation, while offering the best graphics and gameplay the latest technology can support.” 

In addition, we know that it will include a variety of rallying and rallycross venues, as well as hill climbs and buggy races. And that there will be both online and offline career modes. But apart from that, you’ll have to make do with the teaser trailer. For now.

Let’s hope it looks this good.

Is there room on the shelves for another rally game? Insert memory card and comment below. 


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