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Vacation Simulator Devs Worked Hard to Help You Have Fun in the Water

A while back, I decided I was a gaming water whore snob connoisseur, so, anytime someone wants to tell me how great their water is, I’m happy to listen. Owlchemy Labs posted an article on the PlayStation blog today to talk about their water tech in tomorrow’s release of Vacation Simulator. One of their previous games, Job Simulator, has been on the most downloaded PSVR games’ list for months (years?). It also makes sense that they are having a vacation after all that work.

One of the first spots for a vacation is the beach, and they did two things here that make me happy. They are not going for a full simulation with their visuals, but they wanted it to react correctly with the right feel without making me feel seasick. To do that, they fine-tuned the transparency, the motion of the ocean, and the amount of foam to make it fun for wading and splashing but not for puking.

Realism is important, but, keeping to the theme of feeling right, they have a river environment. They say the trick here was to design a body of water that flowed and allowed for different items to float and splash based on the item itself. The systems they designed apply these physics to everything you put in the water and how the water moves around them.

The hot tub in the frosty mountains takes parts of those systems and adds temperature into the mix. You can freeze or boil things in your tub, and the jets utilize the flow physics system from the river to keep things firmly in the fun side of realistic.

If you can’t wait to hit the beach, splash in a river, or relax in a hot tub, Vacation Simulator releases tomorrow. If you want to check out the motion flow direction indicator animations they used to design the water movement (it’s very cool), check out the full article on the PlayStation Blog.

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