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Vacation Simulator Will Take You on a Happy Holiday This Summer

Vacation Simulator finally has a release date today after being delayed last year. The good news is that it’s coming out soon, the bad news is that us PSVR players will be playing it a little later than our PC counterparts.

Vacation Simulator will release on April 9th for PC virtual reality headsets but it won’t release until summer 2019 for PSVR. There’s no exact date being given for the PSVR release just yet but when it is announced, you’ll find it right here on Pure PlayStation.

For those who’ve been living under a rock, or stuck inside Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator is the latest game from Owlchemy Labs. Rather than have you in an office environment, Vacation Simulator takes you on holiday to a few different locations, including the beach, the forest, and the mountains where you’ll take part in different activities and puzzles. While it looks like a happy holiday, there’s sure to be more lurking under the surface…

There’s a new trailer embedded up above so give that a whirl and then cancel your Ibiza summer holiday and look forward to spending the summer sweating in your PSVR headset.

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